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Updated July 20, 2017

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Project I: Finish the Damn Book!

It’s out on Amazon right now. The Audible version is also available, and if you don’t have an Audible account yet, first, you’re wrong. And second, you can get my raspy rendition of this first class motivator for free by signing up a new audible account. Order through the Audible store or right off of Amazon. 5 bucks for the ebook version of this angry muse that’s sure to get the words flowing on your next creative project, and a great read as NaNoWriMo is again on the horizon.

Project II: Viral

The cover designer (the guy who did the original Viral Fire cover) is hard at work coming up with his latest genius creation. The project has gone on the back-burner for a bit. Novelizing this work has become an almost esoteric experience. I have the draft finished, and a couple edits done, but it still needs quite a bit of polishing. The experience I created with Viral Spark had to be one-upped, and tying all of the wonderful threads that I left through the original series together in harmony with the book’s theme song is an accomplishment that I’m in awe of. I love this story, and I think the new novel will showcase it in a light that I never imagined when I was penning the original flash fiction piece. Much of Ember has been left out, but to be honest, there’s more story to tell, so this may end up with a full-length sequel of it’s own some day. Now that Stone’s Shadow is pretty well wrapped up. I’ll be starting work on Viral again soon. I’m thinking of keeping the original name, Viral Spark, for the new novel, but that might confuse some people. Then again, it might confuse Amazon, so that alone makes it worth the trouble. Same title, same author, 3x the word count.

Project III: Stone’s Shadow

Is currently looking for an agent. If you are an agent who is a good communicator and represent both horror and sci-fi, preferably with a taste for other types of speculative fiction, we should talk. The MS is ready to ship, but I still need to write up my synopsis and some other submission material. I’m doing one last read-through to hunt down any typos or glaring mistakes that haven’t worked themselves out yet, but the story is ready to go.

Project IV: Dark Age

This is an experimental series of short stories, about 10,000 words each, or ~30 minutes to an hour to read for most, set 20 years in the future of a holocaust brought on by a coronal mass ejection from our Sun. Probably not the crown jewel of my writing, it’s targeted toward a very specific audience, and the series itself is part of a much larger experiment in marketing kindle e-books. Another short story project will be on the way soon, using the experience writing Dark Age as a springboard for an even darker series of shorts. To find these guys on Amazon, check my author page or search “Dark Age Volume.” Don’t ask, it’s an Amazon thing.

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