Platinum Preppy

The Honda Civic of the fountain pen world.


The Honda Civic of the fountain pen world.

Cheap, effective, and endlessly begging to be tuned up and tricked out.

While it works fine as is, better than fine, in fact, I’ve hot rod-ed these pens in just about every way you can think of. I’ve cut down the nibs to make them flex a little, I’ve used converters in them, and even converted them fully to eye-dropper pens for use with all kinds of different ink.

They will take just about anything you can throw at them. The plastic is not incredibly durable, but I have used them in industrial environments and never had one blow up in my pocket.

This is one of those fountain pens that has so much value for the money that you find yourself giving them away to get your friends hooked on fountain pens too.

Author: spottedgeckgo

Writer. Making my living on my pen, and working to turn a raw chunk of land into a future homestead.