Pilot Varsity 6-pack of Disposable Fountain Pens

Easily one of my favorite fountain pens.


Easily one of my favorite fountain pens.

It’s not a gimmick or a trick. These are made by Pilot, which is based out of Tokyo, Japan. They are well known both in the US and worldwide for making quality writing instruments, and they’ve been doing it for over over 100 years. Ryōsuke Namiki started a company to produce gold nibs for fountain pens. Betcha didn’t know all that about Pilot Pens!

The Varsity came to my attention a few years ago while I was struggling to get some of my more complicated pens to good writing condition. Pen tuning is an art that I’ve never fully mastered. Luckily, these pens don’t require any.

They’re nice and sloppy when laying ink down, which means you always have a fully lubricated pen nib touching the paper, and they work well in fast hands. While you could refill them if you wanted to, the included ink works perfectly with them and there is no reason to try out expensive inks that might not feed as well.

Think of these as the Bic of fountain pens. They’re cheap, the reservoir is huge, and they write very, very well. I’ll stand behind them anytime the subject of “fussy fountain pens” comes up, as these are the solution to the problem.

Author: spottedgeckgo

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