Need Help Writing Your Novel?

Working on a book?

Writers block got you down?

What if I told you that you that you could cure it for good?

Too good to be true?

Finish the Damn Book

Finish the Damn Book! has been getting some good press on the blog scene. said, “I loved this book so much I tossed it right to the top of this list.” That list is what she calls her Helpful Master Post, where she lists the best resources for writers, and Finish the Damn Book! topped the list ahead of On Writing by Stephen King.

How could one book be so helpful to your creative process?

Because this book doesn’t drill you on grammar rules. It instead focuses on the motivational aspect that so many authors struggle with:

Writer’s Block

When I’m not hammering away at the keyboard, I’m devoting most of my time to helping other writers overcome this monster.

And it is a monster.

But like any monster, it isn’t so scary when you turn on the lights.

Finish the Damn Book! is a floodlight that burns writer’s block back into the shadows.

Inspired by coaching practices, and the struggles that we face daily, I’ve summed up several techniques for kicking writers block in the pants, all in this short, inspirational e-book.

It’s like a magical key that unlocks the secrets of the creative process, and I want you to have it, so I’ve lowered the price. You can get your copy of Finish the Damn Book! right now for only $2.99 on Kindle. That’s 40% off the SmashWords price!

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The e-book is also available in paperback or on Audible. Defeat the writer’s block monster, and finish your damn book!