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I know what you came for, here you go: The first seven chapters of “Finish the Damn Book!”

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It’s yours to keep, but I’d really appreciate it if you email me. Tell me how you found it, and if you already started reading, tell me what you think:

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Free Downloadable versions of the case file “Stolen” from Operation Raindrop:

Download as PDF
Download as EPUB – zipped because WordPress

Free Desktop Wallpapers:

(note: these are for personal use only, contact me about commercial shots)

Nature Shots:

Carrot Seedling
Lavender Sprout
Pear Blossoms

Writing Inspiration Wallpapers:

Open notebook with "Just Finish the Damn Book!" written on the page
Just Finish the Damn Book!

The Moon:

Half Moon Detail
First Quarter Moon

Eclipse: Read about my experience at totality here

Diamond Ring
Pink Refractions
Solar Fire
Solar Seahorse
Totality of solar eclipse, yellow fire around the blackened Moon
The Coronal Fire at Totality