A Little About Me


My Journey:

Time goes by, things change, and sometimes a man needs to update his bio.
I’m not even sure where to begin, as the backstory is getting kind of long. I guess I’ll begin with the first draft.
I created my first book-length story while working offshore. I wrote the first draft in 57 days (if I’m remembering right). It was also around this time that I made the purchase on my tract of land in Dora, Missouri.
I spent three years working with that book, pitching to agents, learning the in’s and out’s of writing books, and planning out my future property. Things never go according to plan in this life, so lots of stuff changed.
My wife divorced me, but I kept the property. My book became a scrap file on my hard drive. I hated my job, even though it paid me six figures. At some point, partly due to my brother’s prompting, I started writing again. The Incorporated books that I’m releasing slowly now were the focus. Shortly after I recieved my first writing contract to make Viral Spark. The writing thing seemed to be taking off, so I quit my job and went all-in. I sold my house and my fancy Jeep, paid off the property, and took my little act on the road.
Ever notice that the second you do away with something, that’s when you suddenly need it? Without medical insurance from work, I went into the woods and started clearing trees. Getting boots on the ground is important if you want a homestead. It can’t be outsourced and it cannot be worked through proxy. Unfortunately, I came down with an illness of my gall bladder, which was trying to pass golf-ball sized stones through a tube the size of a pencil. After that surgery, the doctor who cut on me informed me that cancer cells were found. I needed another exploratory surgery to get the whole thing sorted out. It seems the cancer was removed with the gall bladder, and things worked themselves out.
I was out of commision, but I kept writing. I had to force myself up off my mom’s couch most days, and move my body to a local bookstore to do my work. I started doing more freelance work, and taking one to two week trips to the property to get work done. Then I contracted Lyme disease, and that whole incident pretty much cleared out my remaining funds.
I had one shot left. The Lyme disease kept me down and out, but I refused to give up. I built my pole barn, sometimes planting one or two poles in a trip because of fatigue. As I started feeling better, I cashed out my 401k and built my house, stick by stick.
As I continue moving forward, my focus is less on writing and more on getting my homestead built to the point where I can cut spending and be more self-sufficient, since that was the original goal. I’m still working on books, but I’ll have to fit that into my grand strategy. Between off-grid living, growing microgreens, and working a full-time day job, I don’t have time for everything, even though I’ll stay up till midnight most nights to wake up and go straight to work at six in the morning.
I’ve also started on a video game project that I’ve been dreaming about since my early teens, when I was coding basic games. It’s still story-telling, just done in a more fun and interactive way, so it fits in with my overall concept.
My primary goal is to be self-sufficient, living off my farm and my art. Not so different from others out there, whom I try to help through any experience I’ve gained in my artistic endeavors, and mostly from the mistakes that I’ve made, and continue to make. If you want to support my efforts, you can check out my books, sponsor my games on Patreon, or just take a look at my YouTube videos and tell your friends. One day I’ll figure out how to get all of this working together, but until then, I’m going to keep working, keep putting stuff out there, and continue to refine my skillset to reduce overhead.
I have no problem living humbly in a tiny cabin in the middle of the woods. When I can do that full time, that’ll be more hours freed up to produce more art. Thanks for stopping by.