Possibly my Last Post on WriteFarmLive.com

Marty here, and I’m writing to inform you of some changes coming soon to this site, and where you can find me blogging in the future.

I haven’t made a huge announcement of it yet, though I have been sending updates out on twitter. I haven’t even sent an email out to my regular list in two months. But I’m going to go ahead and officially announce it here for those of you who stick with me and follow my writings. This has been a while coming.

Lately, I think this site has lost its original focus, which was on helping writers. While I always intended it to be a blog for everything in my life, most of the followers here were likely lured in by writing tips, not off-grid stuff.

Since my life doing off-grid stuff in pretty all inclusive of my current situation (including the little bit of writing I’m still wedging into time cracks), I’m officially moving my blog. My meandering thoughts, philosophical meditations, and hopefully some cool DIY, SHTF, and bushcraft stuff will be over there, and I hope to update it much more often than here. The new site is www.offgridgecko.com

The new site is going to hold tighter to a strict “blog format.” Even though there might be some how-tos in there, I don’t expect it to be anything like when I started here, where I was posting weekly writing help articles. I’ve stopped writing in a daily journal, so hopefully the new site will unload some of that internal tension. What that means for my followers is a much more personal and intimate look into the life and mind of one Marty McConnell, aka the off-grid gecko. Subscriptions will not automatically transfer, so if you want to stay tuned, head over to the new site and subscribe. Don’t forget to check your junk folder for the confirmation.

But what of Write Farm Live?

I’m hoping to keep the original spirit of this site alive by transitioning it into a cornucopia of good information for young and budding authors. I still feel like I have much to contribute, but most of that doesn’t need to be spewed out like it’s on a newsreel. The information I have to offer is always relevant, so there’s no reason for big flashy headlines or bull-crap word-stuffing before someone gets to the data they are after. I plan on re-building this site, using the current WordPress back-end, into an information source that’s easy to navigate.

I’m still unsure how exactly I’m going to do that, but I’ve already deleted nearly 100 blog posts, and more are on the chopping block. Because of SEO reasons, I’m keeping a couple of my top-hitting pages (or at least their permanent links), but I’ll be dressing up the content a bit to get them updated and make them a tad more utilitarian. I’ll use what I can to tune everything up, but future “blog posts” will likely be informational or inspirational additions to the site. The blog-setup allows me to add content rather quickly and then link it in later without cluttering up my page manager.

I’ll also be recommending some products that I use or like, and attaching affiliate links to their respective amazon pages. I don’t plan on turning this into a sales site, but for the stuff that’s directly related to my stated purpose, I don’t think it could hurt to recommend a few notebooks and pens, stuff like that. People emailing me about linking to their product will be handled the same way that they currently are, usually by me ignoring their scammy-sounding emails. People who buy stuff through my links will be chipping me a small cut of the sale at no extra cost to them, so I think that works out well, especially when it’s all stuff that I know is good stuff.

Mostly, I want to focus on the basics: The stuff I wrote about in Finish the Damn Book, newbie questions that everyone asks (like how many pages a novel should be), that kind of thing. Think of a much expanded and upgraded version of my resources page. That’s the kind of thing I’m talking about. Hopefully, if I build a good enough informational site, people will like it and share it with their friends, it will get passed around the NaNoWriMo crowd, and will be a place that writers can look back to again and again when they are feeling uninspired, unmotivated, or taking their first steps into a new phase of writing development.

Anyway, that’s the scoop, now back to your regularly scheduled programming. Don’t forget to check out offgridgecko.com and sign up over there to keep pace with my life out here in the forest.

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Author: spottedgeckgo

Writer. Making my living on my pen, and working to turn a raw chunk of land into a future homestead.

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  1. Wha…what! Well, honestly, I’m not too surprised. Your content has been noticablly decreasing in recent months. Sounds like you’re welcoming this change & I’ll follow where you go because you give us great info & beautiful writing to inspire us.
    All the best with setting the site up & see you there!

    1. Thanks. Looking forward to posting all kinds of cool stuff on a more regular basis without the self-inflicted pressure of making everything into an advice column like I did when I started this site.

    1. Sweet, Thank you so much. There are a bunch of posts up already. Still need to get cracking on the new WFL but I’m trying to squeeze in some blog posts as often as I can. Kitties, axes, homestead stuff, and more.

  2. Aha, I only just found your former amazing audacity tech…replied to it there..glad it’s still up coz I am about to use it. Then I shall def follow you here!

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