NaNo Day 1 Is Over…How’d you do? Here’s mine.

Anyone else brush their teeth like 6 times today? I did!

Okay, okay. Not six, but there was some toothbrushing going on. As much as I did today, putting up 5400 words on my NaNo project, I procrastinated a LOT!

And it was some of the most productive procrastination I could’ve hoped for.

It all started this morning not with a ringing alarm clock, but an alert that my nanoinspo email went out an hour earlier than I wanted it to. Sorry to anyone who was affected by this. The problem appears to be corrected now on Mailchimp.

As I scrambled to the cafe so there would be plenty of fast internet, I was gripped by the idea that I had a lot more to do than I thought. I’ve been planning this whole thing for months, but that doesn’t mean that I’m immune to first-day glitches. As far as I know, none of my inspirational posts were taken down, which is good. I can keep running them to the same channels tomorrow.

Why would they be taken down? There are a lot of people out there who take advantage of Facebook groups for free advertising. I’ve been guilty of this myself, but I at least try to make my posts look legit. Since all of my pictures will have plastered on them somewhere, this might be seen as self-promotion. I don’t really care either way, other than depriving nanoers of seeing my little inspirational quote posters. I also had a slew of haters last year telling me to shut the hell up, so I’m preparing myself for that. I let the people who enjoyed my posts fight that battle for me last year. Not sure if that will work again. We’ll see.

I also had a bunch of new ideas to toss at my nanoinspo project. Crazy right? Sometimes you don’t see the light till you’re in the moment, and I ended up scrapping 30 pre-written tweets to begin working on new ones, each with its own quote poster.

By some miracle, I had today off. This was a last-minute development that I had no control over, and I won’t get into details. It wasn’t anything bad, just happened to occur now instead of earlier or later.

Then I got down to writing. By my fourth cup of coffee, I’d written 3000 words and I was feeling pretty good about it, lobbing a tweet from my account at The day was on, and lunch was in order. I decided to waste a little time doing a cover mock-up for Making Gold from an idea I had while writing those first chapters. That probably took at least half an hour.

I carted a bag of trash out of my apartment while getting the water boiling, and ate while scribbling what I thought would be a few words. Getting lost in the story ended up giving me another solid hour of writing time, and another 1500 words.

It’s been cold and wet all day, so I opted for another shower, and then a straight shave, and then I diddled around a bit more. I even got in some game time on Gothic III and completed another quest. At this point I was in full procrastination mode. Instead of getting back to work, I decided to go get my stove pipe for penetrating the roof of my little house, and also placed an order for the wood stove. Pretty impressive, right?

This is what procrastination is, and how it operates. Hopefully if you are a new writer, you’ll realize that it isn’t just you. This kind of thing happens to all of us. Stuff that IS important, but not really mission critical, impedes our progress. Through procrastination, some of us become the most efficient human beings imaginable.

I finally shook the routine, and after another quick bite, it was off to another coffee house to scribble some more. The place was packed. While this doesn’t exactly constitute procrastination, it is the kind of thing that will happen when you have your mind set on a goal. I couldn’t get a spot near an outlet, so I sat at a random table and started writing again. I only got around 500 more, because I do need to prep tomorrow’s inspirational stuff.

I have to work tomorrow, so getting up early and having my little ducks in a row is essential. With any luck, I’ll squeeze in some writing time as well. Once I get myself in a rhythm, the inspo posts shouldn’t take quite as long. I reserve that duty for the end of my daily sessions. When the prep-work is done, then I can sleep.

I also tried to get ahead with the new plan a bit. Everything should hopefully be ready for me to ship out in the morning.

And it never ends. I still have plenty of unfinished business to procrastinate with. The first thing will be when the weather clears on a day off, and I’ll be tossing a roof on my little cottage, come hell or high water. That needs to be done before all my hard work starts falling apart. After that, days-off will consist of spending 6-8 hours working on the house in addition to writing and motivating. In other words, there are NO days off at that point. I’m either going to be at the day-job or the cottage burning up most of the day. Once the roof is done, I can work inside on crappy days and do siding when it’s nice out. And there’s no shortage of work to be done, believe me. I will not finish by December.

Still, I persevere. This novel drafting thing ALWAYS goes like this, whether it’s November or not. There are life things going on, external factors which cannot be controlled, and procrastination hiding around every corner. The key, as always, is to sit down and put your fingers on the keys. I got about 4 hours in today of actual writing time, despite myself. I still need to run off to Wal-mart to check on candy specials for extra motivation the rest of the month.

Leftover Halloween candy is one of my NaNoWriMo secret weapons 😉

My big accomplishment for tonight won’t be the fact that I just added another 1000 words to my daily tracking (which isn’t recorded on NaNo), but the next major challenge. Forcing myself to lay down and sleep, followed immediately by actually getting up early enough in the morning to keep the motivational campaign running. Everything had led me to this point, and it’s time to deliver. If I fail my audience now, then the last 4 months of planning is wasted and nanoinspo will die a quiet and lonely death. I cannot let that happen.

So, good luck, godspeed, and all that. Post your nano wordcount in a comment below if you like. If you’re playing then we’re all in this together. You can post anything else that you want as well. Comments are for posting! 😛


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