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The story is out, #NaNoInspo is live on twitter, and we have our first sign-ups! Don’t fear writing your novel in November, even if it’s your first one. We’re here to help. And there’s cool prizes.

It’s time we came out of the closet, so to speak. The wonderful team of writers and editors I have been working with are terrific people, and it’s time to pull back the shroud and shed some light on them. Though some of the prizes were donated from people outside our group, everyone on this list has put in the time an energy to help make our inspiration model a success.

What is NaNoInspo? You can learn all about it here, but we are basically a supplement to NaNoWriMo, the biggest writing event of the year in many circles. In November, millions will sit down at their keyboard and try to crank out 50,000 words in a single month.

This means sacrifice. It means pouring everything into a new book, and getting to a finished first draft on the schedule of a prolific author. Time management, disaster management, putting off time with friends and family, struggling to get words down, and shaking new authors for all they are worth; these are but a few things new writers will be facing for the first time. That takes dedication and motivation, and the battle is real.

That’s why we’re here. It isn’t easy, creating a whole world out of thin air, and nothing can be done to make it easier. However, sometimes a friendly nudge or lighting a fire can turn a no-work day into a writing marathon. For each struggle our writers face, we want to be there to help them win. We’ll push and encourage them through daily emails, blog posts, and a laundry list of cool prizes collected from donations over the last three months. If you are interested, you can Sign Up Here.

In a nutshell, this is who we are, and what we’re about:

Who we are:

Martin McConnell has been writing for years. After landing a commission for the Viral Spark novella trilogy, he set out on his own to publish several works, including a rewrite of the trilogy into a novel after breaking off with his original publisher. He works to inspire others to “drive their own plot” through inspirational blog posts and his book on writing, titled Finish the Damn Book!

Mattias Ahlvin has been dazzling a growing audience on Wattpad with his first novel, The Descent. He spends his nights moonlighting on the Online Writing Log, making the best author tracking program available, and providing inspiration through accountability via his software.

Mark Schultz is known as “Word Refiner” online. He’s an expert at finding those pesky typos, and has carved quite a niche by helping finished books be the best they can be as a final step before publication. He sharpens his chops by finding errors in trade-published novels, and helps both traditional and self-published authors polish their work.

If Madeleine D’Este’s words weren’t enough to inspire in their own right, then her willingness to selflessly help other authors in her spare time should. She runs a podcast called Write Through the Roof, where she picks the brains of accomplished authors to reveal their success secrets to all.

Jeri Walker is a professional editor who has worked on countless novels, helping them along at every step of the way, from content to typos, and offering her services to authors of any stripe. She holds a master’s degree in English Education, and in her spare time she’s been known to help her authors find their respective audiences without asking for anything in return, by posting and tweeting about their books.

Alex Harrow is a genderqueer, pansexual, and demisexual author of queer science fiction and fantasy. Alex’s pronouns are they/them. Alex is a school teacher, infecting the youth with good grammar and a love of writing. They’re helping to shape our future authors.

Stephanie Ellsworth runs the blog and is a fan of anyone getting out there to do their own thing. She’s multifaceted, has written several books, and is always a source of inspirational and motivational pick-me-ups, even when her own world isn’t going so well. Her positivity and uplifting comments to others come at no cost, and she’s the kind of upbeat person we all aspire to be.

Camille Singer is a vlogger on YouTube, an expert in the Fantasy Fiction genre, and a word master. Her writing is deep, colorful, and invigorating. She writes constantly, when she isn’t sharing writing advice with other authors.

Mandie Hines runs her own blog, and writes some of the best poetry that you’ve seen in a while. Check it out on her site,, and see for yourself. Her poetry is inspiring in its own right, but she also offers writing advice to other authors. Somewhere in the middle of all this, she manages to also write Horror, Psychological Thrillers, and Flash Fiction. She’s the kind of writer who knows what it takes to sit down and write every single day, the perfect NaNoWriMo buddy to have.

Kimberly Hulme is a professional proofreader, academic, and author. She works with manuscripts for indie authors as well as trade-published writers. She also works with fine tuning websites and other copy. With a taste for impressive and engaging fiction, she’s here to offer her assistance to one lucky winner, and help their draft get closer to submission-worthy.

Judith Kaye is a novelist working on her first draft, and legging out her own personal story with her website at She’s contributing free copies of Your Novel: Day by Day as prizes because the book has inspired her, and it’ll inspire you as well. She’s doing all of this out of the kindness of her heart, and here to support your NaNo project with the rest of us all November long.

That’s quite a list. These are your backers, and we’re all here to help you succeed. Don’t forget to check out the landing page if you are interested in learning more about #NaNoInspo.


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