The Secret is OUT! NaNoWriMo Party 2018 is ON!

Hey everyone. So, this is the secret project I’ve been working on over the summer.

You can go to the Sign-up page by clicking here.

It all started with a simple conversation. Since I wrote Finish the Damn Book! last year, I wanted to do something special for NaNo. You see, I’m all about encouraging future authors to get their start. I want to see people succeed and finish their creations. I love it when someone sends me an email out of the blue sky detailing how my little yellow book helped them find the motivation to finish their project.

NaNoWriMo, being directly related to the books content, is my time to shine. I have to set an example, so I do my NaNo draft every year (last year I wrote two), but setting an example simply isn’t enough. I wanted to do more.

I started posting inspirational tweets and social posts every single day of November, on top of my daily writing. Just to be helpful. This year I wanted to do something bigger and better.

The Seed of an Idea

I contacted a friend of mine Mattias Ahlvin on twitter, @techieinak. He’s been developing a really cool app for logging daily word counts and is constantly making new features. As this time of year is perfect for that program, I knew he’d be rolling ideas around in his head as well.

And he was.

We talked over several ideas, what we might do, how it would all work, and came up with the idea for #nanoinspo 2018. To kick it off, we wanted to ignore the money and focus on getting our helpful products (my book and his app) into the hands of NaNo-ers who could use it. This all started with plans we already had in place. I was going to discount my ebook to 99 cents (it’s already on sale, btw, and will be until the end of November), and he was going to be giving away some new premium features on the OWL (Online Writing Log) program.

We decided to work together, and that collaboration became this little pet project, which subsequently got a lot of interest.

The Squad

I contacted some more people, on twitter and elsewhere, who make a job of helping others find their words. I wanted people who genuinely wanted to help first-time writers succeed on their NaNo project. I had to decline a few offers that were promotional pushes rather than aide, but I found my people, and we turned this into what it is.

The first half of my book, everything involving motivation for completing a first draft, is going to be free when you set up an OWL account. I’ve given Mattias distribution rights so that he can integrate the book into OWL directly, without my interfering. The newest version of the program will be “on the house” for NaNo writers, because it fills a niche that NaNo’s logistics don’t really provide. Plus it doesn’t cut off as soon as the month is over. You can continue writing and charting your project until the first draft is done, whether that’s 50,000 words or 200,000.

Other members of the group offered so much of themselves, and the offerings are on the sign-up page near the bottom. Probably the most interesting moment for me was waking up with a note in my in-box that a 21-time bestselling author was giving away a one-year subscription to his writing guild. There are also editing contracts and plenty of free paperback books, volunteered by members of the group. You can check all of this out on the sign-up page.

Now the ball is in your court

If you are a writer doing NaNo this year, the program costs nothing to sign-up, and the rewards are real stuff (not discount coupons or trial memberships). All you have to do is finish NaNo, with the help of a daily inspirational email and our humble blog roll to get you started each day. You win NaNo, you’re automatically entered for prizes, most of which will be selected by a random number program I wrote, it’s like a lottery. Some prizes will be a little different.

If you want to donate stuff to us, you can do that too. Send me a couple lines and mention if you are willing to ship yourself or would prefer to send the swag bag my way for distribution. We ask that anything given away be relevant to the program goal of helping writers succeed.

If you want to be on the blog roll, we have room for you. Write an inspirational post for NaNo, and send me a date that you are aiming for in November (first week content doesn’t necessarily work for the last week, as mood and motivation changes). I’ll try to fit you in as close to your target date as possible, but please act quickly because we are only doing one post per day. Remember, the people we’re writing to need to be working on their books, not reading a billion blog posts.

Tell your friends, help us spread the word, and don’t forget to check out the Online Writing Log. It’s pretty awesome. All the details are on this page.

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