July Goal Sheet Review

Goal sheet: I made a point of catching up on word count a little bit, but there’s still much to be done on my horror novel before release, and I’ve taken on two other projects. Busy, busy busy.

1/2 a million words:

I’m at the halfway point! 251,000 words! I’m a month late on that, but hey, progress is progress, and just because I spread the goal out over the year doesn’t mean that everything depends on a monthly count matching up. There’s still time. 51,029 new words this month, a pace I’ll need to keep up if I want to meet my target by year-end.

NaNo month alone will probably top me out around 100k, so there’s still a lot of words to fill up by the end of the year. Even if the numbers don’t match up, I feel like I’m back on the right track.

Short Story Submission:

I screwed this up again. I was hoping to get something subbed by the end of the month, but the development of an API for my new website and final proofing of Stone’s Shadow, along with all those words I wrote, have gotten in the way. Despite totally out at 50k for the month, none of this was spent on new short stories for submission.

On a positive note, however, Z-Publishing accepted one of my stories, Static Fire Test, for their 2018 Emerging Authors of Missouri book, which will probably be out by the end of the year. I’ll keep you posted as this goes ahead. Hopefully, this is the first of many “yes’s” to come down the pipe, but I need to get back up on writing and submitting stories to make that a reality. You can’t get a “yes” without first getting a bunch of “no’s.”

Flash Fiction Submissions and Publications:

Guess who the featured author was on FridayFlashFiction this month! This guy!

My ugly mug is still on the front page as of this writing. I’m honored that they contacted me about this, and even though I mentioned it before, it’s still really cool to log into my favorite flash fiction site and see my own picture there.

Oddly enough, I didn’t get a submission in to them this month. I feel kind of bad about that, but there’s simply been too much going on around here, and other things are being made priorities.

3 New Novels:

Incorporated Heartland will not be released this year. I’ve already diverted too much attention to editing, promotion, new development projects, new words, etc. And this month, with the website migration for writefarmlive, and my new geckgoprintpublishing site, I just can’t get to work on it right now. I still plan on rewriting Incorporated Endeavor during NaNo and releasing both books next year.

I still feel like Heartland is missing something, and can’t in good conscience push it to publication until I figure out what that thing is, and fix it.

Other Projects:

My goFundMe project is still live, well, sort of. It’s “surviving.” Could always use another subscriber or two to help me cover editing costs for these books, so if you have some extra jingle this month, and want to invest in me (the return being free signed novels forever), check it out.

GeckgoPrintPublishing.com is in the works. I’ve been working on a pretty major pivot for the company to get it earning a more regular income by producing lead magnets for other businesses. I’m doing this for several reasons, but mostly because I know the space well, and I know how to put great products out that will help others build their email lists. My prompting for this was on many levels, but after talking about the subject with my cousin a few days before, I woke up and knew where I wanted to take the company.

This little move will most likely allow me to start hiring authors and paying them for their work as early as next year, if all goes well. I can start screening authors, editors, and graphic designers who can be utilized to build out the company’s fiction presence. All the work I’m doing in advertising experiments right now will feed into that as well. Getting ready for big things down the line, but the same MO: Deliver great work to readers, find audiences for writers.

In light of both my goals, and several steps of inspiration in the process, I’m also developing API code for the website to deliver a free product that feels like the perfect product for the company. The plan is simple. Separate the best kindle authors each month in a space that’s nearly untouchable by the big six, and introduce readers to knew authors they might not ever otherwise discover. And the best part is, it will be free, fair, and dependent on certain merits of various books. I also plan on delivering some of this content via a new email list for GPP so that readers don’t have to go to the site to check up on new book deals. They’ll get them delivered straight to their inbox, and the whole thing is 100% free for the reader. All they need is a kindle app on any device of their choosing.

Stone’s Shadow is essentially done. It’ll be on pre-order soon. I’m also trying to build a team of people to help spread the word in October. If you want to help out, shoot me an email (my address is right there in the sidebar). You will be required to pre-order the book for 99cents on kindle, but it’s all good, because you’ll get a paperback copy directly from me, so you get the ebook and the paperback for 99cents. I think that’s a pretty damn good deal. What would I like as a thank you? Simple. Once the book releases, read it, and then go onto Amazon and leave a review. A goodreads review would be nice too, but not required. Other than that, tell your friends about the book in October. Put out some social media posts and tag me in them. I’ll be sending out the paperbacks in October, so I’ll need you mailing address at some point.

I’m in the process of migrating all of my web-stuff to a different hosted server. So far the process has been fairly painless. I’m also designing the new GPP website and trying to figure out the PHP code for my new API. All of this takes time, and requires me to learn some new coding skills, so bear with me. After that, I’ll need to design a bunch of lead magnets, which will also take time, but it should boost the hell out of my word count. I used to do 10 ebooks a month, so, adding to my already full October plate, I’ll start distribution sometime from then until now. The lead magnets will be priced around $100 each and $400 for a five-pack, most likely, so if there’s an ebook topic you would be interested in as a free giveaway product, let me know. Social swipes and landing page salescopy will be included, but I’m still working out the rest of the details.

Also, I NEED bloggers. I need to know who’s writing inspirational posts for November NaNo. If you are planning to do this anyway, why not schedule now? I already have a decent prize list ready, and a landing page for nano-ers to sign up on, and I’ll be directing them to 30 blogs in 30 days. Let me know what day you would like and get a post scheduled for it. I’ll add you to the list. If you are planning to discount or giveaway writing stuff (books, pens, notebooks, etc.) let me know that too. More prizes are always better for getting more people to sign up when October rolls around. Please email me with the details.

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