June Goal Sheet Review

Goal sheet: It’s been a long month. Putting some finishing touches on Stone’s Shadow, Gateway Con, long hours at the day job, and working on AI again. But I’m still trying to get it done.

1/2 a million words:

33,318 this month making my total for the year just over 200,000. Still behind the curve at the halfway mark, but as the year marches on, I’m going to put some serious effort into catching up. Maintaining NaNo pace all year long is difficult, not because of any blocks, but all the ancillary writing stuff that doesn’t get new words down on a page.

I’ve spent much of the first half of the year editing. Even now, as I’m prepping this post, I’m working on artwork and marketing stuff for the new book. I’ve been writing and rewriting a medium-format outline for my alchemy book, which gets some words in as I tweak the story. My outline process is similar to a synopsis, so each version tends to be around 1000 words. I’m learning to handle much of the block editing and general research in the outlining process, and that story in particular is very dear to me. It’s important to get the relevant points cemented in, so that they flow smoothly when I start to write.

Not that this is too far removed from any other novel outline I’ve done, I’m just taking extra steps. I don’t want my characters deviating too far, because the plot itself is constructed in a way that follows the alchemical process (instead of the general literary one). I’ve been adding and removing characters, changing major plot points, and redirecting everything to serve the purpose of the book. It’s a work of fiction that can double as a self-help guide for anyone feeling down on their luck.

I also started penning some ideas for Sell the Damn Book!, a sequel to my little yellow wonder. I’m writing the book while meticulously testing all of the ideas that I’m putting into it. Because of this, it will serve not only as good advice, a sort of idea-factory for growing your audience, but also a chronicle as I continue to learn what works, what matters, and what will turn a bunch of books into a career, I hope.

All that, and other complications. Maybe I’ll be spending a little more time writing as the year goes on.

Short Story Submission:

I reworked and resubbed my honey dew story to another publisher. I’m trying to get another story ready for next month, but this stays a low priority for me. I get more inspiration to submit more stories by writing these blog posts. The rest of the month, I stay distracted with the novels. But I did it this month. Five out of Six on this one.

Flash Fiction Submissions and Publications:

At First Glance was published by FridayFlashFiction on the 18th. I linked in case you haven’t read it yet. This was such a cute little story that evolved from literally nowhere, and I managed to “squeeze a bit of everything” into 50 short words. I was so enamored with it’s subtle elegance that I didn’t shut up about it for two days. I even called it “the perfect story” on Facebook.

Why perfect? Because. It’s a simple story, a gentle plot, it has a bit of “aw” factor (what I call “cuteness”), a bit of poetry, and a progressive tense change. It’s hard to stuff any cohesive story into 50 words, but even looking at it now, it’s quite a surprise. You should check it out, and share it on Facebook and Twitter 😉

I might be getting my little feature on FFF next month. I’ll keep you posted.

3 New Novels:

Not sure if I’m going to make this one. The next pass through Incorporated Heartland will determine if it comes out late this year or early next. I may push it off to work on Incorporated Endeavor while I continue to revise the prior and make some final changes. I have no idea where the cover is headed, and I haven’t blocked anything up yet. I think it needs another pass.

Meanwhile, I’m driving myself nuts trying to test and tweak every detail about the final delivery of Stone’s Shadow, slated for an early October release date. I’m going to have so much going on with my NaNo encouragement this year, that I need to get this nailed down and on pre-order, so I can move on to other things. The book itself is done. I’m hunting typos, but a book is a work of art. Every aspect of it’s creation needs to be as perfect as possible. I’m trying to leave nothing to chance, but it’s mind-numbing. Sometimes I want to scream, and toss my laptop out the window. “Why isn’t it perfect!?!” The more I write, the more I desire for every aspect of the final created work to be just right. If I had a trade publisher (which I tried to get for this one), I would probably be driving them up the wall. Especially with the cover design. I’m told most trade authors don’t get a lot of leeway, but I could see myself making threats about the release to protest the cover design or blurb, even if I had to fix it myself. This is actually a sticking point for my new non-fiction work. A sculpture isn’t just the work itself, but the base, the lighting around it, and even the building it’s housed in. Everything has to be right. There was (not sure if it’s still there) a room at the Chicago art museum flooded with blue light, to affect the mood of the observer while walking through. Famous monuments are lit up at night. How a work is presented is just as important as the work itself.. wait, I’m ranting, sorry. Back to the scheduled post.

Other Projects:

My goFundMe project is still live, well, sort of. It’s “surviving.” Could always use another subscriber or two to help me cover editing costs for these books, so if you have some extra jingle this month, and want to invest in me (the return being free signed novels forever), check it out.


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  1. Martin, you are busier than a long-tailed cat in a room full of people in rocking chairs! You must be really good at organization or it’s how you avoid writer’s block. Either way, my hat’s off to you!
    When you have Stone’s Shadow all done send me a 3k section from the middle, I will go over it for free, looking for those pesky, invisible spelling errors. A fresh-eyes check.

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