March Goal Sheet Review

Diamond Ring

Goal sheet.:

1/2 a million words:

I’ve been slacking around a little this month on the actual word generation. There’s just so much that needs editing, and that has been eating hours out of almost every single day. I still managed 27,000 for a grand total tally so far of about 127,000.

Short Story Submission:

I subbed a flash piece, around 500 words to Toasted Cheese. We’ll see what they say. My story from last month was rejected. Still haven’t heard back on the January submission. Sometimes, these things take time. I’m still putting stuff out there and plan to continue the habit.

Flash Fiction Submissions and Publications:

I submitted and published a flash piece called First Night to FridayFlashFiction. This wasn’t exactly a fiction piece in the truest sense. Immediately after moving into my apartment in West Plains (well, sort of moving in, hehe) I had three disturbances on three consecutive nights. Someone was picked up from their apartment in an ambulance, another night was a disturbance call of some sort: people fighting in the parking lot. Lots of crazy going on around here. Made for a quick short, though 🙂

3 New Novels:

Incorporated First Strike is set to release on April 27th. I have my advance copies ready to mail out, so if you didn’t sign up for my goFundMe yet, now would be a great time 😉 I’ve done another pass on the next book in the Incorporated universe. It’s not quite done yet, and I’m going to have to take care of the heavy editing myself, because I’ve run out of editing funds. Stone’s Shadow is being shredded by squirrels and beta readers, and I’ll be following up with them this month about their feelings on the story. That will make three, just gotta get the second Incorporated book queued. I might even be able to squeeze in Endeavor(the third book in the series) before Christmas, but let’s not put any more pressure on me at the moment 😉

Release of Incorporated Endeavor is going to be tricky. I plan on doing another beta-read period, and I haven’t looked at the story in almost 3 years. As I recall, the ending needs a little bit of work, and I tried to pack so much into the first draft that I’m going to have to read through it a couple of times to get myself caught up on all the details. Four astronauts, one mission, and everything goes wrong. If you want to sign up early for the Beta, just shoot me an email. I’ll get a list started soon. This one is hard sci-fi. You don’t need to understand every detail to enjoy the story, but they are in there. Just like Viral Spark, I don’t plan on beating the reader over the head with the details, but I cannot let my fellow rocket-nuts down with a crummy launch. I invested hours and hours of research into astronaut training, pre-launch, rocket mechanics, and emerging technology. I have sketches and schematics of the ship around here somewhere. I calculated Delta-V, and the asteroid in question is the subject of my short story 2022FH (just click the “Free Stories” button on the menu and scroll to the bottom). I’m really excited about releasing this one, finally. It’s one of my favorites. I even designed an “alien” from the DNA up. Of course, the astronauts only get to see so much about them. Maybe a couple of short stories in the future will focus on those guys. We’ll see.

Other Projects:

Operation Raindrop 5 is out! It’s called Invasion. This one is longer than the others, over 20,000 words or about a 2-hour novella-length read. There was much to be done, much will be wrapped up, but don’t worry. There’s still plenty of room for another story in the future 🙂



Viral spark made the front page of :D, and I got another 100 word story listed on FridayFlashFiction.

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  1. Si vous ne comprenez pas les liens entre lintro et les deux articles suivants , il faut ABSOLUMENT voir la série Incorporated. Une start-up nest pas à but non lucratif Dites vous bien, quun jour viendra, où les politiques tenteront de lâcher les multinationales face à la grogne populaire ( pollenisateurs, aridification et érosions des sols, eau, etc, etc etc.)

    1. I haven’t seen the show, as I don’t watch much TV, but my book Incorporated, and the world that I’m building around that book, pretty much nails that topic pretty well, but also includes the “erosion” of national boundaries 😉

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