February Goal Sheet Review

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Little behind schedule on this, but I’ve been putting out a lot of blog posts around month end. Here is the month in review from my February Goal sheet.:

1/2 a million words:

I topped 100,000 words in February, getting 45,000 for the month. Still on track, still so much to do that doesn’t involve crafting new stories.

Short Story Submission:

I wrote, edited, and submitted a story to DailyScienceFiction called Static Fire Test. Incorporated some of my Kerbal and rocketry knowledge into crafting a little piece about uncelebrated victories that hold more personal impact for the people behind innovation. A moment that won’t make the record books, but makes all the difference for the main character. I think their turnaround is a month, so I might hear from them soon. If not, keep writing, keep pitching.

Flash Fiction Submissions and Publications:

I submitted and published a flash piece called Smokin’ Aces to FridayFlashFiction. I actually messed up a little bit of the poker talk. It was early when I was editing the piece and I didn’t notice it until after it was published.

3 New Novels:

The CORP project is on a final galley proof read-thru edit, and once that’s done I have a couple places to tidy formatting on the text. Then the job begins of converting the whole to to an EPUB file. I set the release date for April 27th, and everything is on schedule, so expect that out real soon. The title has been decided on: Incorporated First Strike. The other books in this project will include the name Incorporated somewhere in the title.

Stone’s Shadow is going through another round of beta reads as an online google doc. So if you want a sneak peak at my monster story, and a chance to share your input, send an email to spottedgeckgo@gmail.com and I’ll add you to the document so you can have a read. I’ve had about 50 sign-ups since I posted about this on facebook, and I’m hoping to wrap up the beta period by the end of the month, and start the final phase of production. I either need to scare up some money for a professional edit, or put about 3 to 4 times more work into scanning through it alone. The beta readers are catching a few things for me as well.

I have two more stories in the Incorporated universe to button up, so those will be my big novel projects to finish out the year. Then maybe I can get started on my NaNo books from last year while scribbling out a new one in November.

Other Projects:

Operation Raindrop now has the forth short story on Kindle, but Amazon isn’t grouping it with the others for some reason, and I don’t have time to bother calling them at the moment. If you search “Operation Raindrop,” you will find it. This one is called Alien Agenda, and it cuts right to the chase. Big reveal stuff, and a lot of closure to running themes in the series. Book 5 was drafted this month and ended up being novella length (20,000+ words). So, that will be longer than the others, but I still plan on pricing it at 99 cents to be consistent with the rest of the series. Check them out, especially if you liked the old XCOM games.

That’s it for February. I’ve officially got an apartment not far from my property, so I’m spending a LOT of time in the woods this month. I have to put tin on my new barn structure since I finished framing it. And I’m still planning on finding something local and part-time to fund the apartment. No rush, but unless the books take off for the bestseller list and my GoFundMe campaign picks up, I will need to supplement the ole income, for editing costs and rent on the new studio. Even with a job, I plan on living up to every single goal that I posted in January. So it should be a wild ride this year. Stay tuned.

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  1. Awesome to hear how all your projects are progressing. You’ve also reminded me that I haven’t submitted any of my pieces in a while. I really need to get on that! Amazing how motivating it can be to read about what other authors are working on and accomplishing. I’ve been keeping busy with writing and editing, but submitting is an important part of the process. Great post!

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