January Goal Sheet Review

Diamond Ring

So, I set some stiff goals for myself this year. This is how I’m doing. Month in review:

1/2 a million words:

My total word count as of this writing is just over 55,000 words, which means I’m on track. I’d like to be a little further ahead, but I’ve been spending a lot of time on editing and promotion, and I’m going to have some challenges coming up, even if it looks like I’m on track now.

I’ve been tracking my daily counts with a spreadsheet to keep things simple. I’ve actually missed a few days of scribbling with all that’s been going on, but more on that later.

Short Story Submission:

I wrote, edited, and submitted a story to Everyday Fiction Online Magazine. I’m hoping they like it. It started, as most stories do, with a simple premise, a philosophical musing, and evolved into a pretty decent little story, I think. We’ll find out sometime in the next three months. It’s not exactly in the realm of their upcoming issues, but it might find a place. One down, eleven to go.

Flash Fiction Submissions and Publications:

I did a lot this month. After a Morning of Chemistry Research was accepted and published by FridayFlashFiction. I can’t figure out how these damned question marks keep finding their way into weird places, but whatevs. I came up with that one while eating a bagel (yes, I’m weird)

I also did a little something new on YouTube, which I thought was clever, but people aren’t sharing it, so maybe not so much. A little 500 word deal. I’ve written drafts for about eight stories this month. Some I went with, some I’m planning for edits and submissions, others landed in my junk pile. That’s the beauty of short fiction, if it’s not a good idea after you flesh it out, you can scrap it and move on to the next project.

I know I did some other short fiction this month, but I can’t remember which ones went where.

3 New Novels:

The CORP project is well underway. I got my professional edit back, went through it, reviewed with the editor, and I’m diving into typo hunts before I start blocking it up. I still haven’t heard anything back from the monster story, so I will likely be trying to release that one in October (because scaries), and I finished my latest revision for a CORP “sequel.”

The cover design for CORP is pretty much done, but I still need a blurb. I might rearrange a few other elements as well, it all depends. These are my target books for the year, and I’d like to make some good progress on another story in the CORP universe, which at the moment is named Endeavor.  Editing is expensive, so I will have to put in overtime on some of the other books unless I start selling more copies of the stuff that’s already out. I’m also planning to try my hand at crowd-funding to help cover editing and promotion costs. Things are getting tight in the financials, but I planned on releasing 3 novels and I intend to do it.

Other Projects:

Operation Raindrop now has the third short story on Kindle. This is exciting for me because #4 has a bunch of big reveal stuff in it, and based on how these go, I’ll probably be writing some more. Not making any money, but I like the story and I enjoy writing it, so I’m going to keep doing it. They’re all free on KU, and if one of them drops from that when you try to read it on Unlimited, let me know. It’s hard to keep up with renewing my Kindle Exclusives contracts sometimes, but I’m trying to keep them free for Unlimited subscribers. Actually, there’s a freebie deal for Operation Raindrop going on right now on Amazon Kindle. So check that out, especially if you liked the old XCOM games.


That’s it for January. February is going to be equally busy, and I’m hoping I can have a nice birthday present of some Viral Spark sales, but that’s never a guarantee. In the meantime, I’ll keep scribbling. Wishing you all a fun and productive month 🙂

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