5 Killer Pre-Launch Strategies: How to Launch a Book

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I have a very special guest today, a video blogger and social media promotion expert Dale Roberts. He’s here to show you how to market your masterpiece with some great advice that authors like us should all be aware of, as well as links to help iron out the details of more complex topics.

Have you written a brilliant masterpiece? Would you like to know how to launch your work so it draws more than a few extra bucks upon its release? Then, I have 5 killer pre-launch strategies for your book that’ll have your book more likely burning up the charts rather than burning through your bank account.

Book Pre-Launch Strategy #1: Create Buzz

Social media, email marketing lists, and video hosting platforms to upload various video marketing efforts are a few examples of how simple it is to create a buzz around your upcoming release. You can never start too soon on pushing your next book. You don’t even have to start writing your next book before you gauge the interest level of your audience. Your digital marketing needs to be the best it can be to get the word out. Take email marketing for example, you don’t want to end up in people’s spam folders because of accidentally sending emails to fake addresses as you were building your business up, you’ll want to make sure you are a verified email for those on your mailing list. If you are unsure and want to ask the question “how do email verifiers work?” then check out mailfloss.com to see how they can help you with this, so your marketing campaign is done efficiently.

Meet your audience where they congregate and try to develop real meaningful relationships. I’m not telling you to go on Facebook, join a group, and beat people with your upcoming release. Simply be a real person by engaging with other people’s posts, answering questions, and contributing content relevant to your niche.

Share a sample chapter from your upcoming release or potential covers for your book to get feedback from your community. Be vulnerable and willing to accept feedback on what you need to change or improve about your content. Not all advice will be sound, but it’ll certainly help you gain a better sense of direction and what your audience truly wants from you.

When you have a finished product, people will be clamoring for the release since they contributed to the early development of your book.

Book Pre-Launch Strategy #2: Build an ARC Team

Gather a team of people willing to read a copy of your book prior to launch. These advanced readers, also known as the Advanced Reader Copy Team, receive a free, not-quite-final version of your book with the express purpose of telling you what is or is not good about your book.

Newbie authors should write a prologue or spin-off to your future release. Then, upload that work to various email list building sites like Instafreebie, Book Funnel, NoiseTrade and other similar sites. These sites are great for distributing your work in exchange for a reader’s email.

Then, reach out to your readers and offer the opportunity to get their hands on a future release, specifically the book you plan on launching. Try to keep your dialogue natural and don’t beat up your email subscribers if they don’t bite. Likely, about one out of ten email subscribers will even open your email. After that, it’s up to you to create an engaging email that entices your readers to join an advanced reader copy team.

The next best step to do is use your ARC team as a way to get book reviews. Simply drop them a final note before you launch that you’d appreciate an honest review of the book online. Drop the link to the review page for them and let them do the rest.

For further clarification on best practices for getting reviews, be sure to check out my video, 5 Facts About Getting Amazon Book Reviews.

Book Pre-Launch Strategy #3: Set Up a Pre-Sale

Once you finish writing your book, I understand it’s rather hard to hold back and avoid the publish button. After all, you want the world to see your book, right? Well, if you can simply wait a little longer, then this strategy will pay off big time.

Part of generating buzz, you can include a well-timed pre-sale of your e-book and paperback. Here’s the ticket. Set up your e-book pre-sale for a launch date about 30-90 days out and your paperback about 15 days prior to the e-book launch date. Co-ordinate this just right and you may have a best-seller before your book is even on the market.

During your pre-sale period, drop your book to as low as you can afford to entice potential readers and lower the barrier to entry of friends, family, and followers. For example, drop your e-book pre-sale to 99¢ and make sure you state in the book description how this is a limited time offer. On launch day, crank the price up to full retail to let people know how serious you are.

During this pre-sale period, you’ll need to be everywhere and anywhere you’re allowed to promote and market your book. Your sole purpose should be on getting your book in front of as many people as you possibly can.

About two weeks prior to the e-book launch, fire off your paperback and set that at a lower price point for the same reason you did the e-book. Now is the time to notify your ARC team and reviewers the book is live and could use a little love and attention with an honest review.

Don’t know how to set up a pre-sale? That’s okay, I cover it step-by-step in a short video tutorial How to Set up Pre Orders on Amazon. And, if you’re not entirely sold on how awesome pre-sales are, then check out my thoughts in 5 Reasons for Setting Up a Book for Preorder on Amazon.

Book Pre-Launch Strategy #4: Create an Ad Campaign

When it comes to advertising, it’s now easier than ever to create an effective ad campaign on a shoestring budget. If you don’t know what you’re doing though, it can be exhausting and financially overwhelming.

I’d recommend you learn one ad platform before spreading out to others. Right now, the simplest, most cost-effective ads to create and manage are Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) ads. Heck, Amazon wants you to use AMS for your ads and even have an entire YouTube channel devoted to using their platform.

If you want a brief overview of how to use AMS, then have a look at my video How to Use Amazon Marketing Services for Kindle Publishing Books. Also, you may want to try out the free Kindlepreneur 5-Day AMS Ads Course.

Book Pre-Launch Strategy #5: Be Everywhere

Best-selling author and serial entrepreneur Grand Cardone once said if you want to massively increase your likelihood of success, then be everywhere at the same time. Reach out to podcasts, blogs, morning news shows, library events, local meet-ups, book fairs, niche-relevant groups and whatever you can think of that’ll get you in front of more people.

A lot of people wonder how I get out so much and get my face in front of so many people. It’s simple. Networking. I just reach out to as many people as possible and also act as a conduit for connecting other people within my network to other networks. Yep, you need to occasionally get out from behind your computer and be sociable.

How to Launch a Book: Keep It Super Simple

Don’t overthink the process of launching your book. If you implement even one of these strategies on your next book launch, then you’ll be better off. I make no guarantees, but I believe if you try your best, then you’ll at the very least know what works for you and what doesn’t.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and specific book launch strategies that work or don’t work for you. Drop me your comments and feel free to hit me up at dale@selfpublishingwithdale.com.

Dale L. Roberts is a fitness author, YouTube content creator, and self-publishing nerd. When Dale isn’t publishing, creating videos, and networking, he loves to travel with his wife Kelli and spend time playing with his cat Izzie. He currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.
Twitter @selfpubwithdale

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