Saturday Spotlight – Writers Make Time for Writing

What makes a writer a writer? Wade S. Lang is my special guest this week, here to answer that question for you.

Some people would say that a writer is someone who likes to read all the time. A writer is someone who holds a journal all the time. A writer is someone who loves to join reading and writing organizations. A writer is someone who usually quietly sits in a corner reading or writing. A writer is someone who usually brings his laptop with him so that he can work on his book anytime he wants.

Well, being a writer doesn’t have anything to do with any of those things. It’s true that those things can describe a writer, but those are not the full essence of being a writer. They are not what make a writer a writer.

So, if that’s not it, then what?

What makes a writer a writer? He writes. It’s a simple as that. There are lots of people who think that just because they were gifted with some writing ability then that already makes them a writer, but that is seldom true. Of course, you are going to need an amount of writing skill if you want to be a writer, but even if you have the best writing skills in the world, if the only outputs you have ever written are college essays, then you are not a writer.

In order to be called a writer, writing has to be a part of you. In order to be called a writer, writing has to be something you do voluntarily. It should be either writing is your source of living or writing is just a hobby. The important thing is you shouldn’t have to be told to write before you actually write.

There are lots of writer-enthusiasts who keep on reading tips online on how to be a good writer. They keep on doing this for hours, for days, and even for weeks. Yet, they never even write a simple word.

When you have time for writing then you are a writer. Perhaps, if we were to look at your writing skills then you could qualify as a writer. Well, then. don’t waste your time. Begin writing immediately.

When you make time for writing, you are not just proving to the world that you are really a writer you are also honing your writing skills. As a writer, it is just as important to hone your writing skills as it is important to make time for writing.

Wade S. Lang Wade is an essayist at He incorporates nature’s beauty in his writing. Besides excellence, he puts his lovely wife and two kids at the center of his craft. He is fond of physical contact sports and considers South America as a haven for tourists.


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