May Review and New Goals for June 2017

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Hi there! So I set some very public goals for May, and I’m here to report on how I did, and set some more for next month.

Review of May Goals:

First up, the house sale. It’s gone.  I have one confirmation phone call to make this month, and the money has already changed hands. I actually need to look into setting up my residence in Missouri this month, and that will likely start with getting a physical address attached to my property. (It currently has a 911 address and I’m not sure that will work)

Thinking about the property, I need to get my rain catch system installed, or pony up the money for a bigger generator and a tow-behind water tank, and that needs to be done this month. Once the water problem is solved, I could very easily be living out there with little interference. Water is life, it really is. You don’t think about it, but as far as settlement is concerned, if you don’t have a solid source of clean water nailed down, then you are incredibly limited in what you can do. This collecting and refining of pond water simply isn’t going to cut the mustard, so I’m going to get my butt moving on filtering, purification, storage, and setting up some water pressure. So, um, yeah. I’m gonna build a water tower 😀

50,000 words. That was my official goal, though I set a target at 100,000, and by the end of the day I should be over 70k for the month, not counting freelance work, which would add another several thousand. I think I spent more time on the road this month than I ever did in the oilfield. St. Louis to Louisiana, to Houston, back to Louisiana, and finally back to the St. Louis area. Add to that 2-3 trips to the property, and I’ve racked up some serious road time. Just thinking the hours over. I’ve spent about 10% of this month (by hours) driving. Maybe more. That averages out to 2-3 hours per day, plus my regular commuting.

Start the final polish on Stone’s Shadow. Nope, haven’t touched it, though I might start on chapter one tonight. It’s marinated long enough.

Finish the first draft of the Viral novel. Done. Did it, and pretty fast as it turned out. Much of my writing this month has actually been the Dark Age stories. I wanted to have 5 published by today, and in that goal I’ve failed miserably. Three of them are out, #4 is awaiting some editing, and I’m having a hard time coming up with a strong conflict for #5. I did also get another short story series idea rolling, and the first one of those is waiting on an edit/cover/title. I like doing these short stories, so I think I’m going to keep on with it for a while.

So that’s it for May. I got most of my shit done, even with taking on other projects and a few unexpected intermissions. I also learned some new edible wild plants that will go a long way toward keeping me fed at the property.

New Goals for June:

As I said, I will definitely be spending some time at the property this month. I would love to set a goal to finish paving my driveway, but that’s going to depend on dump truck availability and weather. Since I control neither, it would be silly to say that it will be done by the end of the month. The money from the house sale is in place, so once the trucks are ready to roll, I’ll be loading up about 15 truckloads of crusher rock to protect the long drive up the hill from weathering. I’ll have to pack it down, too. This is essential, because if it’s raining hard then my truck with rut up the path and wear it prematurely, so getting any real work done with rainy weather isn’t really a possibility. Which sucks because the rain catch system depends on, you know, rain.

So, state of the property: Install a usable system for collecting and purifying water. I talked about two ways I could rig this up above, I might try both. Anyone got a 220V generator they’d be willing to donate to the cause? 😀 Purification will involve a pump, filtering, and probably chlorine for now, just to keep little buggers from growing in the storage tanks. I don’t mind cooking up algae, but some bugs make chemicals that can’t be removed with boiling.

Short stories. I want to continue last months goal into this month. Which means I need to write another short “Dark Age” volume, and publish #4 and #5. I would also like to toss the new story up on Kindle by the end of the month. To add a little more on my plate, let’s say make two more shorts, one of each, and publish by the end of the month.

Edit, edit, edit. I have so much editing to do that I’m not even going to focus on word count this month. The final polish of Stone’s Shadow needs to happen, and I need to get a query letter put together. I might have one in draft, but I need to do that, and send it off to at least one agent by the end of the month. That alone will be a hefty goal.

That’s it. What do you think? Will that be enough to keep me busy (on top of work)? What are your goals for the month/quarter/year?

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