Finish the Damn Book! releases this Month!

Finish the Damn Book!

This isn’t an April Fools joke. I’ve been waiting on this all year, the e-book is in pre-order right now, so grab a copy.

I’ve be absolutely drunk with excitement about this release, and I think this is going to help a lot of people. It’s basically a combination of a bunch of pep-talks, advice gathered and distilled over the last ten years, and all the inspiration you need to finish your book.

Of course, when we write books, we don’t always realize just how far they reach into society. This book came as a response to answering writing questions on Quora. I tried to put all of my best information about how to finish a novel in one volume. I wanted it to be short, and I wanted the reader to go straight to work after finishing any chapter in it. And I discovered from my early readers that it applied to way more than just writing.

One of my readers was a singer from Cali (I’m sure you know who you are, thank you for reaching out to me). Our conversation opened on twitter about how my blog was helping her, even though my message about writing novels wasn’t exactly geared for song-writing, the same ideas helped. I sent her an early version, and when she responded back, this is what she said:

Love your book! Can’t really offer any critique to improve it! I found it easy and fun to read. It made me want to get busy writing!! I like how your writing is like having a relaxed conversation with a friend.

My other pre-readers have offered similar responses, and at list point they include artists, musicians, business folks (even real estate people), comic book artists, and one studio sound-guy. I guess I wrote a little outside my genre. But the craft of writing isn’t unique in the motivation department. Motivation and inspiration are the same no matter what you are doing. Maybe that’s why all those quote posters on the Internet quote famous writers.

Even my favorite, Vince Lombardi, is often quoted for what he wrote about in his books, not necessarily what he said during half-time speeches.

Added Bonus

If you really want to read the book, and you have a copy waiting for delivery on Amazon, you don’t have to wait to get the initial message. Email me and tell me that you ordered the book, and I’ll send you a special link to the free version. It’s not the whole book, and it doesn’t have all the extra stuff on editing and publications, or the appendices, but it does have the first seven chapters, so that you can get started on your novel tonight. You can also check out the early audio tape of the first chapter on Youtube or on my Amazon author page.

My Goals for The Book

I’m hoping that this book will spread. I didn’t design it to sit on a shelf, and I self-published it so that it will be out well before the NaNoWriMo thing starts up this year. If you are planning to do NaNo, then this will be an invaluable aid that you should keep with your laptop. Read a chapter before starting a writing session, and finish that damn book.

The first draft of a book is critical. Super critical. If you don’t finish the first draft, then all the editing and sentence nitpicking is irrelevant. Plus those things are easier once you are looking at a whole story instead of a fragment.

Since it’s already been helping people with other artistic pursuits, I’m hoping that it continues to spread to those areas as well. Painters, singers, musicians, even athletes. Inspiration isn’t just for authors, it can help anyone attain their goals. If you know someone who has a dream or a goal, share it with them. Ideas like carving out some time every day to work on your dreams, or fighting through the voices telling you what you can’t do, are lessons that anyone can benefit from. Let’s not hog all of this good information for ourselves.

Closing Thoughts

Okay, this post was a little pitchy, but come on, I’m trying to spread the word. This isn’t just a book. This is a message that can potentially help a lot of people, so of course I’m going to do whatever I can to help it spread. I want to give this book every chance I can to succeed. It’s basically a muse, bound in electronic format, that really can help you find the inspiration you need, no matter what your pursuit.

Get your copy here.

If you were one of the lucky pre-readers, or even if you only read the free version, drop a comment and let everyone know what you thought.

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  1. I loved “Finish the Damn Book” The tone created in the book was warm, personable, and inviting. Kind of like sitting down to talk & learn a life lesson from a friend. The information was insightful & helpful even to me, and I call myself an author! 🙂 It’s witty & fun. Captivating but resourceful. Bravo! I really feel like this book could take the world by storm!! Amazing work!

    1. Thanks so much StephyLionne, for taking time out of your busy life to give it a read. I’m glad to have your insights, and praise from you means a lot 🙂

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