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Viral Spark Shipment

I moved your cheese! It was me!

That reminds me, I need to add that book the the FTDB appendix.

and, done!

I figured that since I have a thousand things going on all at once, I would start doing a Sunday update. So this is all the awesome shit going on right now between me and the writing world.

Rights Reversion

I guess this is the first “official” announcement. Though I’ve been hinting at it for weeks. We’re still having some issues pulling Viral Spark from Amazon, and the kindle books, oh the kindle books.

This wasn’t so much something that either me or the publisher wanted to happen, but it’s something that needed to happen. I published the Viral series through a start-up publisher, New Land Press, and the small operation was pretty much a part time process. The guy wanted to start a business, and he was working on it in his spare time. That time got slimmer and slimmer with kids getting sick, things piling up at his day job, and suddenly needing to move. The Viral books got neglected, and we couldn’t schedule any kind of promotional stuff, because we never knew what was going to happen next.

I sent him a letter, and he agreed that it was probably best. The Ingram account for the company has been closed, replaced by another account for Gecko Print Publishing, which is basically my self-publishing outlet now. I have a bundle of ISBNs and a couple ideas for re-releasing the series. Nothing concrete yet, so if you have some ideas, email me and let me know.

Books to Fight Cancer

I came across this project yesterday, you can read about my excitement here, and I think this is one of the coolest book projects I’ve seen to date. Marlena Smith is setting out to make a difference. She’s basically taking book donations for an upcoming charity event. She’ll sell the books at the event, and all the proceeds go to Relay for Life.

What this means for indie authors, is you have an outlet for your books to find new readers as part of a charity event. And you get to help a good cause. Bonus. Your books and swag are your donation, basically turning them into minions you can send off to join the army of cancer fighting books.

For attendees, they will have a chance to discover new authors at the event, and they are really the ones providing the funding. So if they like your cover, that’s one book to a happy home, and a few bucks to cancer research.

It’s a very cool project, and if you haven’t looked into it yet, then check it out here: I Need Your Help

Finish the Damn Book!

This is my little how-to writing project, and I’m getting really close to launching the first version of the product, but I still want to know what people think. If you want a free copy of version 0.8, and free electronic PDFs of all future versions, you can email me at and let me know. All I ask is that you give me some comments on my Google form. I’ll send the link with the PDF. There’s some details on my downloads page.

The Monster Book.

Stone’s Shadow is out for review. I’m still open to adding some people to the beta read list, so if you want an early release, you can still get one by emailing me. I’d like to get all the beta forms back by the end of the month, but not worried if it runs over a bit.

It’s a novel, and there’s no rushing the publication for the novel process, even if I’m rushing the non-fiction process. That’s for a very different type of experimental promotion.

The book is called Stone’s Shadow, it’s free for pre-read, and I’m starting to get some feedback from the people who finished it in a couple days.

I think that’s it

Thanks for reading. Hopefully you found something interesting here. If you want to know any of the details, or join in any of these projects, email me or drop a comment in the box.

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  1. I’m interested in hearing more about your own print publishing venture. I think it’s something not only myself, but other’s might find useful once you get things settled and play with it a bit. Good luck on the projects.

    1. Thanks, step one is going to be FTDB. I’m baking as much good stuff into it as I can. As far as starting a publishing house, it’s pretty simple now days, you come up with a name and buy some ISBNs from Bowker (depending on where you live), the rest of the process (the actual publishing part) is tricky, but getting your own imprint is simple. I’ll probably blog about it as I move forward, but you can always contact me directly too 🙂

  2. I think it’s great you’re learning the ropes and striking out on your own. Unless a partner-publisher has a proven track record, I say always do it yourself when it comes to publishing. Okay, I should say that does for people with good heads on their shoulders, and you clearly have one of those. I recently finished formatting another print book, but this one had illustrations. I’ll find out this week how the automatic CreateSpace conversion to Kindle goes. I also designed a cover for my friend–and I now know for sure that is let to people with more expertise than I. Granted, I learned a lot and it looks decent, but it’s not professional by any means. Also, maybe in the far, far away future I could see myself starting an imprint as a publisher. For now, I am contracting with Red Cricket Press as a line editor and it’s been educational to watch the owner get everything up and running.

    1. Thats awesome. I’m just going to be using Gecko Print for specific projects. I’ll be looking for an agent/publisher for monster book very soon, hopefully a publisher with a SFWA affiliation.

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