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This has been a long time coming, and I should really do it more often. I just want to send a shout-out to some very special people. If you are on twitter, and you aren’t following these folks, then you should be, they are amazing people that have made my time on the platform worthwhile.

Before I start the list (which is not in any kind of order what-so-ever) I should probably mention a little about how I came by all of these folks. When I came to twitter, I was about the most stubborn person in the world to try “another social media thing,” and I didn’t want to do it at all. My brother, after a couple months of pestering, convinced me to sign up, and since then, it has become my favorite social media source. I enjoy seeing updates about what everyone is up to, and especially participating in the WritingChallenge hashtag to keep myself accountable for cranking out words. I’ve met a ton of authors, and other great folks, and even as my following continues to grow beyond the 5000 mark and I can’t possibly keep up with everyone, I try to interact as much as I can.

Another note. If you don’t find your name on this list, please don’t be mad at me. I can’t possibly add everyone, but feel free to add your twitter handle in a comment. If you are reading my blog, then you’re obviously a friend, and I cherish every one of you. I’ll be checking the comments to make sure that I’m following everyone too, so if I’m not following you yet, let me know. If you want to check me out on twitter, my handle is @spottedgeckgo.

Anyway, enough talk, let the list begin!

@Chief_McConnell – What kind of person would I be if I didn’t add my own brother to the list. Plus, like I said, if it were not for him, I probably would never have tried twitter, and met all of these other awesome people. John is now running a blog at where he talks about real estate and business stuff.

@kristyace and @sarawhitford – These are the two masterminds behind the monthly writing challenge, and since the challenge has helped my so much on my writing journey, this list would hardly be complete without them. Two wonderful personalities and writers, and great interactors. Both of them are all around awesome people to know.

@constantvoice – The one and only Beverly Lee, the brilliant horror author of “The Making of Gabriel Davenport” and the soon to be released “A Shining in the Shadows.” As a fellow writer and stargazer, we became quick twitter friends through the monthly writing challenge, and though I don’t get as much engagement with her as I used to, I still consider her a good friend, and I can’t wait for the next book to come out.

@CA_Hawthorne – Christina is actively engaged with the writing group, and always has something nice to say. She posts awesome stuff frequently, and usually up for a short chat when we converge on a topic. She also has this uncanny ability to edit for hours on end without getting tired. I don’t know how she does it.

@techieinak – Mattias has become one of my best friends that I’ve never met in person. He helped me drum up the flash fiction group, and we occasionally exchange ideas and reading material. He’s another writer of short fiction and has lots of it out there in the world. If you check him out, also follow his profile links to find his short stories.

@VeraBrook1 – Vera is a somewhat recent addition to my top interactors list, but a persistent one, hehe. She always seem to be around and engaged, so definitely worth mentioning here. She’s quickly become one of my favorite twitter people, and I believe she has a book coming out this year.

@EveMessenger – Another engaged member of the writing challenge group (noticing a pattern?) We don’t always interact with each other, but when we do, the conversation is always great. She’s a wonderful person to have in your group.

I could probably sit here listing tweeps for a day and a half, but at some point, I have to cut this short. Like I said, please don’t get mad if you don’t see your name on the list, and definitely feel free to add it below. If I make these shout-outs more of a regular thing, then hopefully I can accommodate many, many more wonderful people to follow on twitter, but I don’t think I’ll be listing 5000 names anytime soon. If you want to meet a bunch of awesome writers real quick, join us in #FebWritingChallenge, that hashtag is full of awesome people.

Feel free to drop your twitter handle, or a small favorites list of your own, in a comment. I’ll be checking all of them, so it’ll be great to discover more wonderful tweeps to add to my following list.

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