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Sweetwater Windmill SmallThere’s an ancient ideology which says we create our own reality. Sure seems that way sometimes.

Forgive me if I ramble a bit. I usually prepare these a couple of days in advance. I’m having a pretty awesome morning and wanted to wax inspirational for a bit to help out anyone who might be struggling this morning. Even though it’s Saturday, and a bunch of people will be chilling and enjoying the break from their day-job. Still, I know the people in my network are trying to seize the free-time granted to write or work on making their dreams come true.

I woke up early. I had an interesting dream that I’m still struggling with, because it was one of those images that I can’t easily ignore or forget. I was at my property, with people. I don’t remember who, but I was explaining why my cabin faces south while we were preparing to preserve some meat, specifically fresh fish. The dream sequenced to a desert climate much like South Texas, where people were living in stone structures, and again, preserving food was the theme. Obviously my subconscious mind is drifting toward my property even if I’m not there in person at the moment. (Still waiting on the doctors to fix me)

So is it any surprise that I wake to an excited text from my brother, where his recent Instagram post about my books has gotten quite a response. I pluck myself from the slumber, dreams of self-sufficient living still bouncing in my head, and one goal that sums up my feelings about this whole day, the whole weekend to come, and hopefully will persist for months or forever. No Expectations.

I’ve sold some ebooks on Amazon over the last couple of days (I had to check) which is pretty awesome. I don’t even have a plan for today. But I was out of the house and down the road well before 9am, which is awesome for me lately. Most mornings I have to talk myself out of bed. Today, all I did different was to tell myself, “go to work.” I knew the freelance boards would probably be empty, but there’s always plenty to work on as a writer.

Nothing is bugging me today. Like, nothing. I just approached a total stranger while smoking and sat down for twenty minutes and had a wonderful conversation. Another writer, who just started and signed up for NaNo. When I meet someone interesting, I drop what I’m working on and engage myself in the conversation, and she seemed to be on the same topic. Talking about how she’s met all sorts of new writers suddenly, just from the act of starting on a story. They appear out of nowhere.

I suggested it’s like getting a new car. Suddenly you see the make and model you just purchased everywhere you look. Like the whole world started driving the same car as you. We talked some more about how that happens with a lot of things. It’s happening to me today. I wanted to meet someone and talk for a minute, and boom, a writer suddenly appears in a place where I rarely meet one. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the day brings. My real focus today is on word count and editing. Well, this blog post has me off to a good start.

Figure out one thing that you want, focus on it, and materialize it. I know we’ve all had this experience. I also think that my lack of craving anything specific today has left me open to allowing stuff to happen to me. I’m going to put on a smile and keep hammering keys and see where it gets me today. No expectations, no reservations. I know that I like talking with other writers, and I like talking about my property (something else that appeared in my conversation). I’m just going to do my thing, and I’m willing to bet that today will be full of wonder. Because, everyday is full of wonder. You might only need to adjust your mindset to see it. 🙂 I hope you have a terrific day, let down your guard, and materialize your dreams.


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