Short Story Review: The Bunker


“My father-in-law threatened to execute me, but I beat him to it by getting his daughter pregnant. My first child saved my life.”

With an opening like that, it doesn’t seem like I need to say anything else. As part of my “Find a New Author Challenge” this week, I stumbled across this work of fiction and instantly fell in love with it. I won’t make you wait for the end of the review, I’m giving this one a solid 4.9/5. Short works like this are exactly the kind of prose that needs to be promoted if we want any hope of seeing a society full of readers again. It took me about twenty minutes to read the whole thing, and it captivated me the entire time.

The story starts off with us not knowing much about the main character. Only that his girlfriend’s father is a powerful man, who could end his life at anytime. That little fact is made very clear to the protagonist when he’s kidnapped. A black bag is put over his head, he’s tossed into a car, and driven for two hours before receiving his message from her father, along with a solid punch to the gut.

It’s hard to say much about this book without ruining the wonderful twists that appear every couple of pages, but it seems the only reason the main character isn’t dead is because of his seed. He marries the girl and raises two wonderful children, more or less happy that her father stays out of their business. But then he receives and invitation to some kind of family reunion, at which he will finally meet the sack of crap face-to-face.

Expecting to collect on the punch-to-the-gut loan in the opening scenes, the main character isn’t prepared for what his wife’s father is about to show him. A bunker. A safe zone, with an access pass to it that is a little unnerving. The instructions are clear, and her father gives him a prophecy that can’t be ignored.

The story sent tingles down my spine, and I couldn’t stop reading, not to use the restroom or even sip my coffee. It’s absolutely spellbinding.

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Marty review without some type of critique. The language in the first third of the story caught me a bit strangely. It wasn’t clunky, or hard to read. It was clean of typos (at least I didn’t notice any). But some of the phrasing was a little awkward. I know in my own writing, strange phrases tend to appear in random places, so it’s easy to overlook, but they still stand out.

The cover doesn’t represent the story, at all. Unless the author plans to continue the story in the future, which I hope he will. I’m hooked, and I want more, so I’ll beg and plead with him for you, hehe. I spoke with Mr. Khalifa through email, and hopefully I’ll have an interview with him in the near future. He’s a pretty amazing guy.

As I said in the beginning, this is 4.9 stars, or at least 4.8 all day long. A couple odd phrases isn’t enough to distract me from an otherwise fantastic story. It’s free on Amazon Kindle, so if you have some time (you have 20 minutes), then give it a read. I can’t recommend this one enough. You can find it here, or by clicking the cover at the top of the page.

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