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I’ve been working on this scary story lately, and I finished the first draft today. It’s novella sized, I guess my writing likes that size now.

When will it be published? Who knows? I still need to sew up the final threads of the Viral trilogy, so that will be taking first priority. As for my next writing project, I’m going to start digging through some of my novel drafts from last year. I did several posts on CORP and Endeavour, both stories that I loved writing, as well as the premises behind them. The other novel got left somewhere in the re-write phase when I broke off to start working on Viral, and I need to get about finishing that one. Those books are all novel length, a bit more than twice as long as Viral Fire, and as such require about four times as much energy and time to complete.

I suppose I might just send my publisher some detailed overviews of each project, and if he falls in love with one, I’ll probably concentrate on that. If he doesn’t like any of them, I might need to start querying again, but either way, there’s plenty to work on, as always.

About this monster story. I wanted to create a new monster. A new idea. Something fresh. I’m about sick of vampires and zombies and all of these other monsters that keep getting remade. I wanted something fresh and original. A new Frankenstein, or Critters, or something along those lines, something my reader wouldn’t have seen before. The idea, for the moment, will be kept in the shadows. Sorry, you’ll have to wait for the book before I give out too many details. I also wanted something that would creep the hell out of the reader, even after (perhaps especially after) they finished the story. It needed to be something persistent. So I looked into odd little quirks and optical illusions, and found something that seems to happen to everyone from time to time. I made that the glimpse of the monster.

The really fun part about all of this? If that particular sensation is on your mind, it seems to increase in frequency. The hope with my first horror is to give the reader something they won’t soon forget. Every time you see it, I want that little fear to creep up in the back of your neck, and make you wonder if you will be the next victim. Fun, yes? I’m pretty sure the story will be published, one way or another, once it’s ready.

The short version: A college student suffering from insomnia discovers an ancient evil. The prognosis is paranoid delusions brought on by lack of sleep, until people start dying. He’ll have to find a way to fight it before it kills everyone he knows, and lays waste to this otherwise quiet college town.

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