Deadlines, Determination, and NaNo

Hopefully finishing my CORP edits this weekend or sometime next week.  Trying to catch up on a lot of things.  This week’s Tipsy Thursday will be an overview of things I’ve been working on and some of my planning process.  Hopefully some good information tossed out here and there.

Progress Report:

I’m in the process of polishing the first CORP novel and prepping it for the big Beta roll-out.  The list of Beta readers has grown to over ten, thanks in no small part to my new friends doing writing challenge on twitter.  If you are interested in joining our little group, check out  The second novel in the corp series is sitting at first draft.  I’ll be starting my edits on that once I send CORP out for beta.  The third novel is in planning for NaNoWriMo.  My goal is to be prepared and start drafting it on November 1st, and I mean to finish the draft in November.

That will be a hard-won goal, but I’m working every day on my edits.  If I stay on track, by the end of the year I’ll be querying CORP and possibly have book 2 out for Beta.

Bringing the sci-fi into my stories:



Planning for book three is a little tough.  The series is near-future, which means balancing what kind of tech should be available to my characters.  It also means finding suitable subject matter to fill in current science gaps.  The background for book three surrounds the Starship Endeavor.  Strapping a ship bound for interplanetary missions to the nose of modern chemical rockets isn’t an easy task.

I also had to consider long duration travel and life support.  I’ve been focused on theories utilizing bacteria for oxygen and possible food or fertilizer from them recycled into the rest of the life support system.  Cyanobacteria are wonderful little critters.  Calculating the water needs is another matter.  Exploring these ideas helps a person realize just how much will go into real deep space travel.  I only hope that I’m painting a clear and accurate picture of how things will develop.  I’ll check back in thirty years and see how close I was.

A month in a half seems like a long time, but between edits and planning a new novel, I’ll have my work cut out for me.

Hope all of your projects are going well.  What are you working on this week?

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  1. I admire your resolve to get that first draft done in a month for NaNoWriMo! That’s a lot of words. I’ll be cheering you on though, Marty, count on it ?

    Such an interesting concept for your third book. I know you’ll research until you have everything ticked off and as close to real life as you can.

    I’m still working through the first draft of book 2 and about 65k down. I think this will be longer than #TMoGD but they all might change their mind on that!

    1. Thank you for the support. Well done on book 2. A little bit of added length shouldn’t hurt it, and you can always trim excess off 🙂

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