Little Victories

This is sort of an experiment that I’ll be playing with from time to time.  Copying pages from my journal and posting them directly rather than editing.  Obviously, I can’t do every entry (that would be far too personal) but today my entry was especially on-topic.  So here it is.




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Author: spottedgeckgo

Writer. Making my living on my pen, and working to turn a raw chunk of land into a future homestead.

2 thoughts

  1. A nice personal touch to put your handwritten words here 🙂 I keep going back to look at how beautiful ‘Little Victories’ looks. I think you led a previous life as a calligrapher!

    1. Ha. I love trying, for sure. I try to get my calligraphy practice in while doing headlines for journal entries, or making title pages for my notebooks. Kills 2 birds with one stone.

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