Welcome to WriteFarmLive!

I’ve been blogging here for years to turn this site into an inspirational, informative place where writers can turn when they stumble along their writing journey.

The site is currently in transition to a new format, so a lot of things will be changing around here. Please excuse the mess.

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About links and promotions: The store should be up pretty soon, and it will include books on writing, notebooks, pens, and other writerly stuff. Please drop by if you are planning on purchasing these types of items and help keep this site going. If you would like a link to your product, then we will need to discuss it. I don’t endorse products for cash or simply because someone asks, and I will only put a product in the store or a link on the page if I determine it is of value to this site’s audience. If you would like me to test a product, you can send me one, but that’s no guarantee that I will write about it, endorse it, publically promote it, or even that a link to it will appear in the store. Links from this site are selected by me personally, and I take pride in only putting the best stuff out there. Please don’t bother begging me for a site link just because you want me to advertise your products for free. I get those emails weekly and I typically don’t respond. Also, no advertising fee is worthy of damaging my reputation by promoting junk, so keep that in mind when you make a pitch.