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Hi, and thanks for dropping in. I’m Martin McConnell, and I blog about writing advice and tips, as well as my own adventures in freelance writing and homesteading.

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"Being good at it" is irrelevant. Do it anyway!

People often give up on their dreams before they ever try, and those who try give up after their first failure. Those wh…

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If you are looking for my infamous advice about getting started freelancing and making money from your own words, like I do, check out my resources page.

My goals are simple. I want to make a living writing, start a self-sustainable farm, help other writers and authors to become sucessful (even more than me), and inspire everyone (I want to be a muse when I grow up). New writing tips are posted on Thursdays, enjoy.

Life is a story. You are the main character. Drive your own plot.

Did you find what you were looking for? If not, drop me a line, let me know why you dropped by, so I can add it to the site, or if it’s already here, make it easier to find. Contact me at and let me know what I can do to help, whether it’s a post you would like to see, an idea for the website, a nugget of writing advice, or just to say hi.

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Everyone else on the internet seems to be doing this, so I’ll go ahead and list my own here, just to maintain 100% transparency about everything I’m doing.

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I also keep a separate list of my special fans (like people who support my gofundme project) in an excel sheet, which also contains mailing addresses and sometimes phone numbers. This information is used for free mailings of new books.

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