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Updated April 20, 2017

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Project I: Finish the Damn Book!

Is ready to go. It’s on pre-order right now on Amazon, and hopefully showing up in a few other places soon through Smashwords distribution. The Ebook is only the beginning, I plan on doing some kind of crowdfunding thing to spread awareness, and giving away cool prizes, like stickers, notebooks, and pens, as well as a limited edition hardcover run just for the project, so only contributers will ever get one.

Audible will be available once I get the final approval from ACX! I’ll keep you posted as this and nook, itunes, etc come online.

Any help is appreciated. Let’s get out there and motivate some writers! Like I said, just send an email to me, and tell me that you want to help people finish their damn book. If you have promotion ideas, I’d love to hear them. And thank you all so much, ahead of time.

Project II: Viral

I recently had the rights of my original novella trilogy reverted, and started cracking away at that project. At the moment, it looks like a complete rewrite (not just copy-pasting the books) of the original three into a single volume novel, with some added material that never made it into the novellas. I’m not sure how major the changes will be yet, especially in the gap between Viral Fire and Viral Ember, but some plot changes will be necessary to make it really feel like a novel instead of three individual stories. Since Spark and Fire flowed pretty seemlessly together, there shouldn’t be too much disruption in the plot between those stories. I will also likely be releasing some supershort kindle books for free with all the short-story and background data that I created as part of the process of writing the original stories, including some cut chapters and book ideas that take place in the Viral universe. It’s going to be quite an undertaking, and likely consume the rest of my year.

Project III: Stone’s Shadow

Beta submissions are currently closed. Once I finish the draft of Viral Spark, I’ll be back to work on this monster story, and getting it ready for the agent hunt. I’m hoping to start sending this to agents before the end of the year, so if you have a beta copy, don’t forget to fill out the  review form.

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